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Bright Eyes Optometry Reviews

“I came to see Dr. Mina Chen for a glasses/contacts prescription and had an exceptional experience! She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. She addressed all of my concerns and made sure that my questions were answered thoroughly. I highly recommend her for all your optometric needs!”

Cecilia H.

“If anyone is looking for a new eye doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Mina Chen.

I recently came back from an appointment with Dr. Chen and was very impressed with my experience! I've been going to my previous optometrist's office for many years, but was looking for a switch and found her.

She is very professional and personable as I felt comfortable talking to her about any of my eye concerns. She's extremely knowledgeable regarding glasses and contacts and was able to help me with both. She takes the time to thoroughly explain what she is doing and what the results mean, while still being efficient -- you can tell she truly cares about her work and her patients.

Also, she was also able to figure out what was wrong with my most recent pair of glasses that were making my head hurt, whereas previously, I was told to keep wearing them to adjust.”​​​​​​​

Tiffany H.

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