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Myopia management

What is Myopia?

Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is caused by an eye that has grown to be too long. The increased length of the eye causes light to focus incorrectly on the retina, which results in the inability to see objects clearly at a distance. The longer the eye, the greater the myopia, and the greater the risk of serious eye diseases later in life.

Our eyes are constantly growing from the moment we are born until adulthood. The axial length (i.e., length of the eyeball) grows quickest during childhood and adolescence. Although there is no way to reverse the growth of the eye, there are treatments to reduce how quickly it grows during childhood and adolescence. This is why early myopia intervention is so crucial to helping your child's vision and reducing their risk of vision-threatening eye diseases.


Treatments for Myopia Management

While traditional glasses and contact lenses may help your child see clearly, they do not do anything to help reduce your child's axial length elongation and vision deterioration. There are a few different treatments for myopia that have proven to be effective in slowing down the progression of myopia and axial length elongation in our kids. To ensure you find the best treatment for your child, be sure to visit your optometrist.

Ortho-K | Ortho-K or Orthokeratology uses a custom-fit gas-permeable contact lens that is placed onto the eyes just before going to bed. The Ortho-K retainer gently molds the cornea into the proper shape throughout the night. Upon removing the Ortho-K retainers in the morning, the cornea continues to maintain that corrected shape, thus allowing light to focus correctly on the retina. This allows myopic patients to see clearly during the day without wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Ortho-K is a great option for myopia correction for adults as well as kids. A great example is patients who spend a lot of time playing water sports and are unable to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Atropine Eye Drops | Low-dose atropine is an effective treatment in reducing myopia progression in children. The atropine eye drop is instilled right before bed each night. The atropine drops may slightly dilate your child's pupils which can cause some light sensitivity in the first few days. However these effects are usually temporary due to the low-dosage used.

MiSight Soft Contact Lenses | These peripheral defocus soft contact lenses have been FDA approved for slowing down the progression of myopia in children. They are worn during the day and should be removed for sleeping and water activities, such as swimming.


If you notice that your child is having difficulty seeing objects that are far away, contact us today to schedule a myopia consultation. Many parents notice changes in their children with their behavior or grades at school, their ability to play sports, or that they may even be pulling back from playing with friends. Others hear from teachers that their child may be squinting to see the board. Managing myopia as quickly as possible will reduce your child's chances of developing serious eye conditions, such as a retinal detachment, glaucoma or myopic maculopathy.

At Bright Eyes Optometry, we offer a variety of solutions to manage your child's myopia. Call today to schedule an appointment so we can make a treatment plan to preserve your child's vision.

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