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Orthokeratology Retainers

Ortho-K is a special treatment to help patients see clearly even when they are not wearing glasses or contact lenses. A special gas permeable contact lens is placed into the eye each night before bed. This Ortho-K retainer gently molds the eye into the proper shape while you sleep. In the morning, you can remove the Ortho-K retainers and see clearly throughout the day.

During your consultation, a corneal topographer is used to create a detailed map of your cornea. Dr. Chen will then use your corneal map and glasses prescription to create a custom ortho-K retainer for you.

Orthokeratology was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002. The procedure is considered safe, effective, and reversible.

Who Should Consider Ortho-K?

  • Myopic children and teenagers who want to prevent their myopia from progressing.
  • Active individuals who want to be free of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Those who want a reversible alternative to LASIK.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you receive your custom Ortho-K retainers, it can take one to two weeks of nightly wear before you'll have perfect vision throughout the whole day. During the first few days, you or your child may need to wear prescription glasses to clearly see the board at school or to drive safely.

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